• More than 30% of all sunspots turn into Skin Cancer
  • PDT is the most effective treatment
  • Dr Johnson has 15 years experience diagnosing and managing skin cancer
  • We use Unique High Tech equipment
  • We Follow and Monitor All patients

The Benefits Of PDT

  • PDT is the most effective treatment for Sunspot removal(more than 1 in 3 sunspots turn into skin cancer)
  • PDT improves the appearance/texture of the skin
  • PDT improves your long term health
  • The results of PDT are very predictable


Sunspots,also known as Actinic Keratoses or Solar Keratoses have been a common problem for Australians for generations. They are generally found on the arms,hands and head (including the face and the scalp) due to over exposure to the sun particularly early in life.

Most people don’t know that as well as being unsightly,more than 30% of sunspots turn into cancer. For many years sunspots have been treated by GP’s and dermatologists using treatments that are not very effective. We decided to specialise in the removal of sunspots 15 years ago and having tested all the available treatment options we use a technology called PDT,Photo Dynamic Therapy.

Beyond the removal of pre-cancerous and unsightly sunspots, PDT offers the benefit of considerably enhanced skin after treatment. It resets the clock on aged skin and leaves it looking younger and healthier.

PDT has been used in the USA for over 20 years and is considered the most effective way of removing sunspots, we are one of only a handful of Specialist PDT clinics in Australia. We pride ourselves on providing a very high quality service to our patients. PDT offers many benefits when compared with other less effective treatments such as cryotherapy(freezing), Efudix,Aldara and Solarase including a much quicker treatment time,less pain,much better skin quality,allowing a much wider treatment area,avoiding scars and minimising the chances of sunspots returning. PDT also treats Bowens Disease and Thin Basal Cell Carcinomas extremely effectively again with the benefit of resetting the clock on aged skin. Fill in the simple contact form at the top right of this page and ask us about how we can help you.