What Are Basal Cell Carcinomas?

Basal cell Carcinomas are the most common form of skin cancer.PDT skin treatment is highly effective at treating 2 specific types of BCC,primary superficial and nodular as long as the BCC is thin.
examples of basal cell carcinomas

Why Should We Have Them Treated?

If Basal Cell Carcinomas are not treated they can grow and destroy adjoining areas of your body. For example the tumour can engulf your nose,ear and eye as well as other organs. If thin BCC’s are treated early these risks are reduced dramatically.

Why Is PDT The Best Solution For Thin Basal Cell Carcinomas?

The most common form of treatment for Basal Cell Carcinomas is surgery, whether it be standard surgical excision,Mohs surgery or cryosurgery. All of these treatments will leave scarring. A weakness with standard surgical excision is the high recurrence rate of BCC’s on the face. PDT not only avoids scarring of the skin but improves it by resetting the clock, patients regularly comment how much better their skin looks and feels after PDT.

avoid cryotherapy for basal cell carcinomas

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