What Is Bowens Disease?

Bowens Disease is a persistent flat red-brown scaly or crusted area on the skin which is caused by a tumour inside the upper layer of the skin. It is an early form of squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer. Often it will be itchy and/or bleed.

Without being treated it can spread across a large area of the skin eventually becoming invasive. It is most commonly seen in people over the age of 60 and is caused by overexposure to the sun.

bowens disease treatment

Why Is PDT The Most Effective Treatment For Bowens Disease?

PDT using Metvix is a highly effective treatment for Bowens Disease when surgery is considered inappropriate. At Molescreen PDT we are able to give a very accurate diagnosis and document the treatment with fluroscopy,following up with patients after 3 months to monitor progress.

Cryotherapy(Freezing) is still a very common way that Bowens Disease is treated in Australia despite it being proven to be highly ineffective as well as generally causing scarring.

cryotherapy treatment for basal cell carcinomas and bowens disease