For decades GP’s and Dermatologists have been treating sunspots using prescription and over the counter treatments. Not surprisingly these are at best a short term fix and at worst they exacerbate the problem.


Cyotherapy is the most common treatment for sunspots. It is very cheap. It is performed by freezing the skin using nitrogen. We commonly see patients who have had cryotherapy(also known as freezing or burning) and can see sunspots that were frozen reoccuring on the skin. Some studies have suggested the recurrence rate of sunspots after cryotherapy is 60%. Beyond it’s ineffectiveness it also tends to leave scarring on the skin.

Amazingly despite the above,Cryotherapy is still the most common treatment in Australia for Sunspots.

Efudex,Aldara and Solarase are topical solutions.


Efudex has common side effects including burning,ulceration,crusting and bleeding. It is also quite painful and leads to itching and swelling which commonly deters patients from continuing with it. Clearance rates are very low, even if the cream is properly applied for 4-6 weeks only a clearance rate of 34% is achieved.


Aldara has similar side effects to Efudex and as a result patients tend not to use it properly.It has not been around long enough for clearance rates to have been credibly assessed but they are considerably lower than PDT and it does not have the range of benefits PDT has.

Solarase is prescribed by some GP’s. It is very ineffective and will almost always experience recurrence. It needs to be applied for many months during which time it is very sensitive to the sun requiring patients to stay indoors.

PDT Is The Most Effective Way To Remove Sunspots

Having used every mainstream treatment on the market to remove sunspots over the last 15 hyears, Dr Ian Johnson has concluded that PDT is the only highly effective option. Beyond being the most effective treatment PDT offers many other benefits:

  • The skin will look and feel much better,resetting the clock
  • No scarring
  • Permanent removal
  • It has been used for 20 years and the results are very predicatable
  • Avoids Surgery
  • Treats a wider area of sunspots