What Are Sunspots

Sunspots are unslightly blotchy pink,red or brown spots that appear on the surface of your skin generally due to overexposure to the sun. They tend to appear on the arms,hands and head(particularly the face and scalp) and are sometimes known as Solar Keratoses or Actinic Keratoses. See The images below for examples of what sunspots look like:

Why Should We Have Sunspots Removed

The Sun is Queensland’s (and Australia’s) biggest asset but also it’s biggest liability. It is the skin cancer capital of the world and a substantial amount of skin cancer comes from sunspots. In fact more than 1 in 3 sunspots will turn cancerous according to medical studies. Beyond the cancer risk,as we age sunspots tend to get more prevalent and visible as well as spreading across the skin. We use technology that allows us to identify sunspots growing on the skin that the naked eye cannot see. This has taught us that when you can see sunspots on your skin invariably there are many more that you can’t see maturing.
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PDT Is The Most Effective Way To Remove Sunspots

Having used every mainstream treatment on the market to remove sunspots, Dr Ian Johnson has concluded that PDT is the only highly effective option. Beyond being the most effective treatment PDT offers many other benefits:

The skin will look and feel much better, resetting the clock

  • No scarring
  • Permanent removal
  • It has been used for 20 years and the results are very predicatable
  • Avoids Surgery
  • Treats a wider area of Sunspots

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