Why Is PDT The Most Effective Treatment For Sunspots?

PDT stands for Photo Dynamic Therapy. It is a treatment that combines the use of a solution on the skin(ALA or Metvix) with exposure to a special red lamp. It is a highly effective treatment for sunspots because it treats a wider area of disease than other treatments and it leaves no scars,in fact it leaves your skin in far better shape than before the treatment. Patients consistently refer to their skin feeling and looking better after treatment. If you watch the video above you will see that our technology allows us to see how widespread the sunspots are on your arms,head and hands, as the naked eye generally cannot see the extent of the pre-cancerous disease.PDT treats the wider area where disease is present.

Who is PDT for?

Photo Dynamic Therapy is ideal for people who want a reliable way of removing sunspots without scarring and who want to reset the clock on their skin. PDT is also a highly effective,non scarring treatment for Bowens Disease and Thin Basal Cell Carcinomas.

Does PDT really make my skin feel better?

Yes. Your skin really will look and feel better after treatment.